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Colons in filenames/versions — OSX

Hi everyone :)

I'm having one of my intermittent bouts of capability, so I'm trying to catch up with translation updates first. I am rarely able to read the list, so sorry if this subject has been mentioned before.

Today I updated the Debconf template translation for "tiger". The email subject line quoted the filename as:

tiger 1:3.2.3-1.1

OSX (HFS+, Intel, 10.6.2) does not allow colons in filenames or version numbers, whether in the GUI or on the command-line. This means OSX users are not recording the accurate version number. They are thus likely to use the wrong version number in a bug submission, or in other references.

When sending in the update today, fortunately I noticed the discrepancy and went back to the original email to get the version number for the bug report. However, in my records, this file is "tiger 1/3.2.3-1.1" (OSX automatically converts the colon to a forward slash). This is messy, and likely to cause confusion (my personal concern is losing translations).

I don't think I've run into this problem before with translation updates. Are colons approved for version numbers? Do they cause problems for other systems?

Thankyou for any advice you can offer. :)

(I hope I will have enough capability to catch up with my updates and spend some time here, but judging by the previous year or two, it isn't likely. Please don't take my terse style and lack of presence as lack of interest. I miss you guys a lot: I'm just unable to read or write most of the time. But for now:

Chúc mừng Tết vui vẻ !
(Happy Vietnamese New Year)

even if it's a bit late. ;)

from Clytie 

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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