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Re: Translation request for KVIrc

Quoting Kai Wasserbäch (debian@carbon-project.org):

> Now I'd like to know how to best coordinate such an effort and make it as smooth
> as possible for everybody?
> One last note: the upstream translators for German, Spanish and Italian (they're
> are CCed) would like to collaborate with the specific language teams. In their
> cases it would be more of an proof-reading anyway, as the translations are
> pretty complete. For the other translations there are no active translators I
> know of.

For existing translations, it's probably good for upstream translators
to get in touch with relevant teams:


> Thank you in advance for your answers on how to proceed best! Should you need
> further information, feel free to ask me to provide it.

To get other translations, you can issue a call for translations by
using podebconf-report-po...even if the file is not a debconf
translation (hint: --no-debconf and --call).

if there are other existing, but unmaintained translations, you can
get in touch with the reelvant teams in Debian....

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