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Re: Intent to NMU redmine to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Jérémy Lal (jerry@edagames.com):
> Hi,
> i do have an objection : the po-debconf bugs for redmine are pending,
> i could have asked for an upload sooner, but
> upstream is realeasing redmine (the debian package was using an intermediate
> svn version) by the end of the week.
> The package for the new version is ready to be uploaded, and we are
> just waiting the official upstream release (0.9.1).
> So please wait a few days and the upload will be done.

I privately (and in French) mentioned to Jérémy that, of course, I
fully agree with that plan.

Moreover, I proposed a small review of debconf templates for redmine
(it escaped to my radar because Jérémy actually did himself the French
translation, so the package never appeared on my "bad guys who break
100% for French" radar...:-)).

So, in short, I'd suggest translators to not hurry to work on these
debconf templates as they'll soon have an opportunity to work on them
*after* the review.

Merci, Jérémy, for your responsiveness...

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