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[D-I] Broken mail notification for D-I l10n changes is now fixed

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Because of a stupid leftover from tests I made when some D-I
automation scripts were moved from my personal account to the "d-i"
role account on people.debian.org, automated notifications of changes
in D-I "levels" files were not working since.....Spring 2009.

Thanks to Damyan Ivanov who was wondering why he wasn't getting
notifications, I finally investigated this and found this in the local
copy of scripts/l10n/websec/websec-txt-all on people.debian.org:

-                               cat ${RPTFILE} | mutt -s "[WebSec-txt-${ACTUAL_LANGUAGE}] $URL_SOURCE0 - $ACTUAL_DATE" ${MAIL_ADDRESS}
+       #                       cat ${RPTFILE} | mutt -s "[WebSec-txt-${ACTUAL_LANGUAGE}] $URL_SOURCE0 - $ACTUAL_DATE" ${MAIL_ADDRESS}

As one might expect, commenting a line does what's intended....the
command is not executed..:-)

This is now fixed and translators who are registered for automated
mail notifications for changes in D-I related translation files will
again receive mails whenever something changes in some of these files
for their language.

These mails will be sent by "debian-installer role" with
"[WebSec-txt-<foo>] URL - date" as Subject, where "<foo>" is your
language code, URL, the URL in the status pages where you can directly
pick the changed file and "date" is of course the date.

For your reference, I include at the end of this mail, the current
list of registered addresses for automated notification (these
addresses are BCC'ed to this mail). Addresses is roughly mangled by
"s/@/ hatte /"

If you would like to either be included in that list for your
language...or be removed from it, please mail me privately.

# LANGUAGE_CODE [SPACE] MAIL_ADRESS                                                                         
# cs kurem hatte something.cz                                                                                     
am tefera hatte mekuria.com                                                                                       
ar adn+deb hatte diwi.org                                                                                         
ast marcos.alvarez.costales hatte gmail.com                                                                       
bg dmn hatte debian.org                                                                                           
bn b.ghose hatte gmail.com,itsjamil hatte gmail.com
ca jordi hatte debian.org
dz tdendup hatte dit.gov.bt
el galas hatte tee.gr
eo serge.leblanc hatte wanadoo.fr
eu pi hatte beobide.net
fi tale hatte debian.org
fr bubulle hatte debian.org
ga kscanne hatte gmail.com
# gl jacobo hatte tarrio.org
gu kartik.mistry hatte gmail.com
hi nishantsharma.in hatte gmail.com,akumar hatte ee.iitm.ac.in
hr joy+ditrans hatte linux.hr
hu sas hatte 321.hu
it sc hatte linux.it,giuseppe hatte eppesuigoccas.homedns.org
ja kmuto hatte debian.org
ka aietkolkhi hatte gmail.com
ko darehanl hatte gmail.com
lt kebil hatte kaunas.init.lt
mr sampadanakhare hatte gmail.com
ms nbliang hatte gmail.com
nb bjornst hatte powertech.no,Hans.F.Nordhaug hatte hiMolde.no
ne pradhanparas hatte gmail.com
nl cobaco hatte skolelinux.no
nn korsvoll hatte gmail.com
pa apbrar hatte gmail.com
pt elmig hatte debianpt.org
pt_BR faw hatte debian.org
ro eddy.petrisor hatte gmail.com
sk helix84 hatte centrum.sk
sl matej.kovacic hatte owca.info
sq elian.myftiu hatte gmail.com
sv info hatte danielnylander.se
ta psg_01l109 hatte yahoo.co.in,agnihot3 hatte gmail.com
te prudhvi hatte fedora.redhat.com
th thep hatte linux.thai.net
tl xenos hatte upm.edu.ph
ur linux_kernel_worm hatte yahoo.com
vi clytie hatte riverland.net.au
wo mouhamadoumamoune hatte gmail.com
zh_TW asho hatte debian.org.tw

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