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Updating Tasksel translation - howto?


I'm trying to get Norwegian Bokmål on track again, and now it's time
to update tasksel. I have read about Tasksel in the "Debian Installer
Internationalization and Localization Guide" - see

It says "In case SVN commits are absolutely impossible, these updates
can be sent as bug reports [...]". Hm, I just ran svn update on the
old tasksel folder (checked out from svn.debian.org) and it no longer
contains anything. I see that they are using Git, so I guess the docs 
are wrong? However, since I'm not going to setup Git right now just to 
commit this translation, I checked if bug reports are actually handled.
seems to indicate that it might not. (A Slovak and Russian update is
still open.) Does this mean that Git is the only option? 


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