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Status of ddtp.debian.net|i18n.debian.net|churro (Nov 24th UPDATE)

> So, apparently we need someone to locally access the machine and
> - reboot it and check with someone who has remote access if incoming
> SSH is working
> - if it doesn't, open a local root session and fix the SSH daemon
> César, Nicolas, Felipe, this is what we should organize. Can we try to
> agree on a moment during the upcoming week for doing this?

That was planned to happen on Thursday Nov 19th, but I got no formal
report on what happened that day.

Should we start thinking about funding the travel to Merida for one of
us, during an upcoming week so that the machine gets the attention it
deserves....or plan a dedicated work session with a DSA (Debian System
Admin) to finally move everything under DSA control somewhere else (I
suspect this might take several days and for this, we *anyway* need
access to the machine)?

César, could an alternative be that you bring the machine back to one
of you guys' home (with a standard DSL connection) and we fix things
from there first, trying to understand why, when port 22 is opened,
the machine is still refusing connections?

Our very first goal should be to bring back remote SSH access to the
machine, then we should really start thinking about moving it under
DSA control as soon as possible, as Joerg suggested. That might
require a special work meeting (preferrably physically, just like
ftpmasters did recently) with 1 or 2 DSA and Felipe|Nicolas. But
*first* bring back port 22 access.

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