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Status of ddtp.debian.net|i18n.debian.net|churro (UPDATE)

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> As many people legitimately worry about the status of i18n.debian.net,
> aka ddtp.debian.net aka churro, let's try to give you folks the whole
> picture.

More news:

As you may have noticed, some web services on i18n.debian.net are
apparently working:
- DDTP (mail services unchecked, though)
- i18n.debian.net web site (access to l10n material, robot pages, etc.)

On the other hand, some services are still not working properly:
- Pootle (pootle.debian.net)
- mirror sync (and thus the various status pages are not up-to-date)

Given the uncertainty about what is working and what is not, I'd
recommend avoiding to jump on things that are apparently working and
resume work. 

To say it shortly:
*Please wait before resuming work when that uses i18n.debian.net services*

We still don't have direct SSH access to the machine, however it seems
more because something is not working on churro's SSH setup. The
direct SSH from the Internet to the machine has been opened by local

So, apparently we need someone to locally access the machine and
- reboot it and check with someone who has remote access if incoming
SSH is working
- if it doesn't, open a local root session and fix the SSH daemon

César, Nicolas, Felipe, this is what we should organize. Can we try to
agree on a moment during the upcoming week for doing this?

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