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Re: Reminder for openoffice.org translation updates


On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 08:22:56AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> This is a reminder for the running translation round for debconf
> templates of openoffice.org.
> Currently complete languages:
>  ar cs es eu fi fr gl ja pt sv
> Currently existing but incomplete languages:
>  de ru tr

Those are done.

> Please send out updates before Tuesday, November 10, 2009.
> (actually, René, who maintains OOo packages, may have different plans
> for uploads as, obviously, it's silly to make an upload only for a few
> l10n updates.... Still, this date is the last day where I will monitor

True. And we are not allowerd to upload because of the poppler transition
anyway :)

> Please contact me privately if you want to obtain the PO file for
> incomplete languages. The POT file can be obtained from the list
> archives.

There is no incomplete languages :-)

> There is always a chance that a translation you or your team sent
> slipped through my mail and spam filters. If you indeed send an update
> as a bug report and your language is still listed here, please point
> me to the bug number.

No bug :-)


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