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Re: Change ddtss interface?


On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 11:01:38AM +0200, Fernando Cerezal wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a Debian l10n Spanish translator and I am a ddtss user for
> several years. Now, I think it would better change the dttss user
> interface. I want ask you if I could develop a new interface. I don't
> want change internal functionality, only interface for add a more
> graphical interface, a nice css and, perhaps, ajax.
> It would be easy adopt a new interface? It would be easy the
> integration of a new interface?
> I think change the interface would help us to get more translator with
> a less technical profile.
> This mail was initially addressed to Martin, as ddtss developer, but
> perhaps it is interesting for someone in i18n.

The DDTSS code is currently located here:

I don't really know how you can install it to make some tests.
Also I would be more confident if Martijn/Michael could update the server
based on your changes, as I never had a look at the DDTP/DDTSS internals.


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