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Re: Soon to come: review for ia32-libs-tools debconf templates

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> The debconf templates for this package recently changed or were added.
> As a consequence, the Debian English localization team is proposing a
> complete review to the maintainer.
> When that review starts, another notice will be sent as a followup to
> this mail, announcing the intent of one of the Debian English
> localization team members to review the templates.
> It is likely that such review will trigger changes to templates.

Please note that the package maintainers are not entirely convinced
that the review should take place now. Apparently, there is some
probability that the templates are changed to cope with development
(there is a big thread in -devel about that package).

Still, I insisted for the most blatant "errors" to be fixed. We'll see
what happens.

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