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Re: How to hack on DDTSS code ? (Re: DDTSS usage configuration for Japanese)

Quoting Junichi Uekawa (dancer@netfort.gr.jp):
> Hi,
> Anybody have any idea who's working on DDTSS code and how I can change
> some of its behaviors?

That would be Martijn van Oosterhout who you CC'ed to this mail,
apparently (and, IIRC, reads debian-i18n)

Michael "Grisu" Bramer leads other things about DDTP.

I saw your request on -i18n and though someone would answer but
apparently that didn't happen (yet?).

Development is and should be preferrably be coordinated on
debian-l10n-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org (but activity is fairly low
there...mostly because not many things changed recently).

We have code stored in svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-l10n. I
can't tell whether this is the production code or not. This is quite probable.

The DDT* stuff runs on "churro", aka i18n.debian.net. We can probably
arrange shell access for you if you need/want to look at things there.

I think we would welcome more contributions, particularly if they come
from you, Junichi...:-)

(please note that I say "we" above in name of the i18n community but I
don't know much about DDT* stuff)

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