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[D-I] Please test Debian Installer with console-setup

(for those who read -boot as well, this message is a duplicate as I
stupidly made a typo when sending the original message, intended to be
CC'ed to -boot and -i18n)

One of the release goals of Debian Installer for squeeze is dropping
the use of console-data keyboard mappings, to replace them by
console-setup [1].

The main rationale for this is that console keyboard mappings provided
with console-setup are the same than X keyboard mappings.

In short, that would finally lead Debian to drop a major inconsistency
we're having for years: different keyboard map systems for the console
and X. Particularly, this would bring adapted keymap choices for many
recently supported languages, for which no console keymap existed,
while there are X keymaps.

The "switch to console-setup" is a long and complicated process as it
involves dropping a very longstanding D-I component (kbd-config) as
well as console keymaps that exist for ages (provided by the
console-data package).

Packages have now reached the state where it is possible to test
things out and provide some feedback. For this to happen, I built two
"netboot" i386 ISO images (one[2] is console-based and another one[3]
is using the graphical installer), where kbd-config has been replaced
by console-setup-udeb and localechooser activates the use of
console-setup on the installed system by default.

I would appreciate if these images could be tested, particularly in
various languages. It is suggested to test localized installations of
a "standard" system, not necessarily with X, and check whether things
work as expected on the installed system (particularly display at the
console as well as the keymap used in the console).

Please note that there have been *very few* tests of all this and it
is then expected thatyou find bugs..:-)

Please just don't pay too much attention to possibly untranslated
questions at the keyboard config step during installation. That is
expected as keymap-related strings, that belong to xkeyboard-config,
will need a big translation effort in order to support all languages
supported in D-I. That will happen later..:-)

If you provide feeback, please do so by answering to this mail,
keeping both lists CC'ed (but *don't* CC me as I read both lists!).

Many thanks in advance for your help,

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/ConsoleSetupSwitch
[2] http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/mini-cs-i386.iso
[3] http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/gtk-mini-cs-i386.iso


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