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Re: Plans for dropping levels 3 to 5 of "Debian Installer translations"

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> > As a consequence, I have the intent to soon reduce the number of
> > levels listed as "Debian Installer translation levels" to only 2.
> Any reason why this was not CCed to the d-boot list?

Mostly because I feel that none of the translations listed in these
level does really have to do with D-I itself.

But, well, I actually hesitated about CC'ng -boot anyway. I could have
and we can still extend the CC list if we feel it's needed.

> Please specify exactly which packages would move from which current level 
> to which other level, or will get dropped.
> Without that info it is basically impossible to comment on the plan.

Sure. I wanted to avoid a too long message with a detailed rationale
for each package...but we can go into this now.

So, here we go:

Level 3:

      The rationale for having menu counted here (indeed only one out
      of three po/ directories the package has) was that the Debian
      menu had a wide use. This is less true and the main desktop
      environment converged towards another menu system

      In the past, it was asking one question during desktop installs.
      This is no longer true and has reduced its debconf screens
      recently, the plan being installs without user interaction.

      It has one high priority question during installs of the Mail
      Server task. So, that question might pop up sometimes but I'm
      unsure it warrants such a special treatment

      The trickiest. It is developed inside D-I SVN and is used on
      Debian CD and DVDs IIRC. So, one can see it as "part of D-I"
      in some way. However, translating it is not enough and
      activating a language there also requires another software
      (NSIS) to be translated in that language plus Windows
      supporting the said language.
      Could *maybe* be moved to level 2...or kept in a small level 3

Level 4:

      Was added there because it can likely pop up a question when
      installing one of tasksel tasks. I see this as a kind of
      corner case that can jmotivate samba being prioritized
      by translators...but without the need of putting a "Debian
      Installer" label on it

Level 5:

      We have the debconf programs translations. Clearly unused in D-I

      We also have the debconf screens used when doing
      "dpkg-reconfigure debconf" and also debconf-apt-progress/*
      templates strings ("Installing packages"....). These may appear
      during D-I...so that may motivate moving this in the small
      level 3 I'm talking about earlier

      Clearly historical. The need for this dates back to the days of
      base-config. Has nothign to do with D-I right now.

      Has 4 small strings used for debconf "buttons". In D-I we use
      those from cdebconf. Having it was motivated by the fact
      that debconf screens might pop up during 2nd stage when a "2nd
      stage" existed.

      Was called in the past during second stage for custom installs.
      No longer called. Though, this is an important Debian native
      program, that's all, but nothing to do with D-I

      Its strings are used by console-data when dpkg-reconfiguring it.
      No longer used inside D-I

      Strings used during some localization tasks installs. In the
      past they were shown only when one dictionary was installed.
      This is no longer the case, and the screen only pops up when
      two dictionaries are installed simultaneously, which is rare.

      IIRC, used to have very rare strings pop up during packages
      installs in 2nd stage. No longer needed and huge translation.
      So, this is an important program, sure...but nothing to do with

      Is still maybe providing a few strings that pop up during
      installs in progress bars. TO be checked but I'm really unsure
      it warrants having that huge translation labeled as "part of



> In principle I can see reducing the number of levels could make sense. 
> However, reducing it to only 2 may be a bit too much, unless the i18n 
> documentation will be used to provide clear priorities for translators.

We could imagine moving the few "corner cases" we identify to a "level
3" only

To complete that information, there are a few other changes we'll need
to consider:

- console-data: soon obsoleted by the move to console-setup, which
  is very likely to happen. So we'll need to mov eit out of level 2

- xkeyboard-config: its strings are used by console-setup. However,
  that localization is not maintained inside Debian and will not be.
  So, here, our only possibility is to list it in one of our
  levels and then point translators to the place where translation
  happens for it (the TP).

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