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Re: Localization tasks not installed after upgrade

Quoting Tapio Lehtonen (tale@iki.fi):
> I notised on three hosts that I upgraded from etch to lenny, that the
> packages in tasks finnish and finnish-desktop were not installed. I
> kind of expected to have a finnish system after upgrade, because that
> is what I had in etch.

I suspect this is because the packages in these tasks changed between
etch and lenny.

IIRC, tasksel does not handle the change of content in tasks. In
short, tasks are *not* metapackages and they are indeed not currently
meant to be upgraded.

> Related question: how can a naive user find out what tasks are
> available for his/her language? I can install those with 
>   aptitude install finnish finnish-desktop
> but aptitude search finnish does not show that task. I discovered the
> file /usr/share/tasksel/debian-tasks.desc which lists the finnish
> tasks, and aptitude in interactive mode has the Tasks listing. 

I suspect that this should be a wishlist bug against
apt|aptitude. However, I'm 75% sure that the system indeed has "no
memory" of the installed tasks....so the initial magic for "tasks
upgraes" to happen is not there.

Doing so would definitely turn tasks into a kind of metapackages and
we need to decide if this is really what we want.

CC'ing Joey Hess who's certainly the person, along with Frans Pop, who
now knows most about tasks and tasksel. That discussion is IMHO

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