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languages lists

[Please CC me, I am not subscribed to the list]


I have written a Macro for our wiki, to automatically format and display
the contributors' profiles ( http://wiki-debian-net.local/User/JohnDoe )

I would like to Internationalize it, So I assume I should get the user
to type it's language code (en, pt, pt_BR, zh_CN ...) rather than full
text, so gettext has consistent inputs using. typically using:
BTW: what do you think about it? should I prompt for locale or iso636?

Do you know a package which provides a locales->language name table?
(the package iso-codes has such list, but only in it's source package
        ar_YE:language   "Arabic"
        az_AZ:language "Azeri"
        be_BY:language   "Belarusian"
        bg_BG:language   "Bulgarian"
        bn_IN:language    "Bengali"
        br_FR:language "Breton"

Thanks in advance.


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