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DDTP for hebrew (Was: (howto) adding better support for a specific language)

[Dropped debian-edu from CC because Holger told me it was distracting]

On Wed, 29 Apr 2009, Oded Naveh wrote:

Apologies for joining in the discussion that late.
I was out of office for an extended weekend at fjord country with lovely
company ;) And didn't want mail to distract me :)


that an Hebrew speaking administrator can't get along without reading
ability in English, what so ever.

The teachers in schools where my son was studying were not.  So if you
want to enable schools to work with Debian Edu in the sense that they
should be free to use additional software which is not preselected they
are not really able to do this and they would become dependant from
external help.

Therefore I consider both package descriptions and debconf templates
translations non priority.

IMHO only in the case that you just trust the preconfigured set of
packages.  If that's enough my point is void.  But from my point of
view it is not enough and does not really bring Debian foreward.

I believe internationalized web pages should display fine without any
special support (or at least as long as one has the required fonts


Log-in seems to be a major problem for young kids, as traditionally user
names are in lower case ASCI and these are not even printed on the keyboard.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Andreas it seems to me that you are probably most apt to point to a tool (or
create one:) that would inform of support status for a given language and an
arbitrary set of debian packages, if such information exists anywhere in
debian (Here again I mean the packaged software not the package).

Yes.  It is called DDTP (Debian Description Translation Project) [1]
and as far as I can see there is no support for Hebrew.  I do not know
whether the reasons are of technical nature (even if I doubt this) or
whether just nobody started working on this.

Kind regards


[1] http://ddtp.debian.net


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