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DEP-4 TDebs - updated

If replying from the -policy list, please keep either me or -devel
CC'd. I'm subscribed to both -devel and -i18n. Thanks.

I've updated DEP-4 to include more content around some of the issues
raised so far.


I've also done some more work on the dpkg support and it is mostly
working, although my git repo is somewhat behind the current dpkg 1.15
unreleased git master code. (The changes are mostly in areas that don't
affect TDebs).

I'd like to ask for comments and commits to the DEP with regard to
clarifications required, typos, Policy issues and other matters to help
get DEP-4 ratified as a basis for TDeb support in Squeeze.

Please note the extra content on timelines in the DEP - no TDebs will
exist until after Squeeze, all that is needed for ratification at the
moment is agreement on the goals, the changes needed in the toolchain
to support migration to TDebs when users upgrade from Squeeze to Squeeze
+1, to be followed by implementation of the relevant patches.

>From the updated DEP:

What needs to be done for Squeeze ?

    * tdeb binary file definition - (ratification and review)
    * tdeb source file definition - (development and testing)
    * dpkg-deb and dpkg —install support - (partially implemented in


I haven't looked into apt changes as yet - I suspect we can deal with
the need to have the .tdeb downloaded at the point of extracting the
templates by using suitable dependencies but I haven't tested that yet.

If anyone fancies experimenting with TDeb support, use a pbuilder
chroot to keep the dpkg changes isolated from your own system, build
dpkg 1.15 from the git repo and install the emdebian-tdeb package so
that you can use the /usr/share/emdebian-tools/dh_gentdeb
and /usr/share/emdebian-tools/dpkg-gentdeb test scripts.

My git foo is very poor so if there are people willing and able to help
with the git-ness problems, take a look at the repo and tell me
*precisely* what commands I need to fix stuff. ;-)

More on that on planet.debian.org soon.


Neil Williams

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