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Re: Debian Wiki Frontpage : Lenny's banner

On 15/02/2009, at 10:56 AM, Américo Monteiro wrote:

Em Sábado, 14 de Fevereiro de 2009, Frank Lin PIAT escreveu:

Debian Lenny banner on the wiki
I have drafted a banner for the wiki frontpage, using sidux' splash
screen : http://wiki.debian.org/FrontPageDraft
Your comments, feed back and improvements are welcome.

The link wasn't working when I viewed the page, but I've created a Vietnamese front page to feature it [1].

Call for Translation
It would be nice to have this banner on all translated frontpages, If
everything works fine, Lenny should be released today (Sunday).
Obviously we have to wait until it's released to add the banner.


"The universal operating system"

in portuguese (pt) it will be simply:

"O sistema operativo universal"

In Vietnamese:

Hệ điều hành thuộc thế giới

If there's any other text that needs translating, please email me. :)

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/vi/FrontPageVietnamese
or accessible from the language bar on the front page for any language

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