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Release notes: is that reasonable?

Yesterday, after running a last update of PO files and a full
afternoon of updates, French translation was 100%

Checking this today, after another updatepo, gives:

bubulle@mykerinos:~/src/debian/ddp/manuals/trunk/release-notes/fr> allpo
about :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 14 translated messages, 6 fuzzy translations.
installing :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 44 translated messages, 14 fuzzy translations.
issues :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 100 translated messages.
moreinfo :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 21 translated messages.
old-stuff :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 15 translated messages.
release-notes :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 59 translated messages, 41 fuzzy translations, 22 untranslated messages.
upgrading :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 358 translated messages, 15 fuzzy translations, 5 untranslated messages.
whats-new :Charset is UTF-8. Stats: 133 translated messages, 18 fuzzy translations, 4 untranslated messages.

This is *really* disappointing.

Please freeze the damn release notes.


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