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Re: Review in progress for zabbix debconf templates

Quoting Martin Bagge (brother@bsnet.se):
> On Sun, 1 Feb 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
>> The debconf templates for this package will be reviewed by the Debian
>> English localization team.
> Is this review without connections to the other announcement you did some 
> days ago? Will this trigger a longer review process?

This is the same process.

There is a first step, when I "discover" a package that changed

- I send a notice to the maintainer, suggesting a better interaction
with translators..:-)
- I send a "TODO" mail to debian-l10n-english, suggesting that someone
picks up that review to do
- I send a notice to -i18n so that nobody works on an update in the

A few days later, I (or someone else) send an "Intent to Review" mail
to debian-l10n-english (CC the maintainer), explaining that *I* will
do the review (or the person sending the "Intent to Review").
I send *again* a mail to -i18n, which has the same wording than the
initial one, which might explain why you're confused...

This is what is done for packages for which a review is done because
the maintainer changed the templates....

Another occasion to do a review is the "systematic" review for all
packages. I actually pick packages that have debconf, going down the
list by popcon score. In such case, I immediately send an "Intent to
Review"...and then you only see one mail in -i18n.

I should indeed change the wording of one of the two "Review in
progress" mails to -i18n....Will try to do this ASAP....


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