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Re: How use Launchpad translations for translate debian-installer upstreams?

Hi! Thanks very much by the great explanation ;)
I undertand it, but convert the .po LP -> .po Upstream is a hard job.
Well, I created a little python program for search translated from
one .po to import to the .po.
With it, I have automatic task of import all translated strings from LP.
Maybe can be usefull for others people.
(Remember isn't more tested ;))
Cheers and thanks!

On Wed, 2009-01-07 at 07:24 +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> (Colin, old horse beaten again..... this time, a thread in
> debian-i18n, started by Marcos Alvarez Costales, the brand new
> Asturian translator...who comes from the Ubuntu/LP approach and
> recently completed the new language process for D-I. Marcos was
> surprised by the differences in the debian-installer translations in
> LP and what we offer to translate in Debian)
> (I wonder if that couldn't be crossposted to ubuntu-i18n)
> Quoting Marcos Alvarez Costales (marcos.alvarez.costales@gmail.com):
> > It's similar, but not equal :(
> > All translation work >> Trash!
> This is something I discussed numerous times with Colin Watson who,
> besides many other things, is in charge of handling debian-installer
> for Ubuntu and manages the synchronizations. It's been numerous years
> since Colin works on D-I on both "sides" (and for D-I before Ubuntu
> even existed) and tries to manage the flow.
> Colin will correct my mistakes but, roughly:
> What you see in LP as "debian-installer" is the debian-installer
> package as it was.....at the last synchronization. Syncs are done when
> Colin needs to release the debian-installer package for Ubuntu in
> order to prepare an Ubuntu release.
> Some magic even has to happen later because of the "branding" (the
> name for the distro here and there) and a few other things that are
> specific to Ubuntu.
> From Colin's words this ias always been a slightly hackish system, in
> general.
> What we both agree on (don't take it wrongly, we are most often in
> agreement) is that translating only in LP/Rosetta cannot be enough:
> - you will be missing strings (some D-I packages are not used in
> Ubuntu)
> - you will have fuzzy strings (those where branding happened)
> - you will need to bring back things yourself in D-I with manual commits
> So, while you can use Rosetta for the initial work, fine tuning later
> has to happen in the D-I i18n infrastructure. *That* will later flow
> back to Ubuntu.
> Of course, the D-I infrastructure is certainly not as shiny and
> appealing as Rosetta is....but this is what we have right now and,
> well, it has proven to work for about sixty languages as of now..:-)
> The work is not really trashed, that said. As I wrote, when you
> translate stuff in Rosetta, then manually bring it back to Debian,
> you'll keep most of your work. But, as of now, you need to bring it
> back manually.
> I'm opened to any contribution that would make this more automatic,
> certainly....contributions welcomed.
> Another way to work, maybe closer to the Rosetta approach, would be
> using the Pootle interface at http://pootle.debian.net. This is still
> considered as quite experimental but a few teams are using Pootle
> successfully now.

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