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Re: [D-I Manual] Please check that your translation of preseed.po is complete and correct!

Hi Philippe,

Philippe Batailler wrote:
>  Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
>> I decided that the script would be useful for XML-based translations as
>> well. Maybe not so much the "completeness" check, but certainly the
>> visual comparison.
>> Because of this the script has been renamed to 'check-preseed'.
> Although check-preseed is reporting some problems, preseed.xml for fr
> seems correct to me.

Not all differences are problems! When you localize settings, that can be 
completely valid, but they will still be listed. There is no way the 
script can be made smart enough to filter those out itself.
That's what I mean by "it prints a diff for a visual check" in the text 
that is output as introduction.

However, there _is_ still one problem. This is suspicious:
-#d-i preseed/include_command \
+#d-i preseed/include_command string \

And if you look in the file you see:
#d-i preseed/include_command string \
#      string if [ "`hostname`" = bob ]; then echo bob.cfg; fi

So, you have the setting type ("string") two times...


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