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Re: Please respect deadlines for translation updates...


Am Freitag, den 17.10.2008, 07:16 +0200 schrieb Christian Perrier:
> Well, sending translations *after* the deadline is not the best you
> can do...:-)

 True, but ...

> That will make the package reappear again on my radar and, as I spot
> many packages, I could very likely nag the maintainer *again* about
> that package. At some moment, they won't welcome this anymore, really.

 ... propably you should not discourage translation updates just because
your workflow isn't up to checking for that there was a
translation-update run already. I (and hopefully other) maintainers are
always welcome to receive updates so when there is any need for another
update they can include it.

 Discouraging translators to not send in translations when *you* haven't
pinged for them and doing your NMU rounds is quite irritating and sounds
like you are doing the things to push your own workflow onto translators
and package maintainers - which I really hope that I'm getting the wrong
impression here.

 So Vince, feel free to translate as much as you are able to, even
without Christian's specific call for translations; and Christian,
please try to adapt your workflow to not have to discourage translators.

 Just my 2 cents,

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