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Re: Neutral (non-national) symbols for languages

2008/9/29 Holger Levsen <debian@layer-acht.org>:
> Hi,
> On Monday 29 September 2008 18:12, Christian Perrier wrote:
>> But, anyway, there is certainly no other solution: long name, in
>> English, if enough room....or ISO code when short on space.
> Aeh, I dont think everybody speaks english. So the long name in english will
> not help (many).
> The long name should be in the language itself, ie. "deutsch" for german.

And are there acceptable short enough versions of the language names
in the languages themselves e.g. I would reckon Eng would be
recognised for English as itself rather than the iso code. Iso code
could be a last resort if there isn't an agreeable short version in
the language itself.

Uk defintely would be a bad idea for Ukranian, I would hope укр makes
at least some sense


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