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Re: po-debconf compendiums move on i18n.debian.net

Christian Perrier wrote:
(OK, technically speaking the plural of "compendium" is probably "compendia")

Indeed. Maybe we can take advantage of this move and correct this.

A great work by Eddy Petrisor was running for a while on
i18n.debian.net: compendiums creation.

These scripts collect for all languages all strings taken from
po-debconf translations and assemble them in "compendiums", ie huge PO
files that can be used as reference in PO editors, to allow for
automatic filling of translation fields.

The scripts were up to now running in Eddy's home on i18n.debian.net,
the result being visible in
http://i18n.debian.net/~eddyp/compendiums/. Maybe some of you are
using them.

I am :-) .

During the last two weeks, I included Eddy scripts in the collection
scripts that are running system-wide and can therefore be maintained
by i18n.debian.net admins (Felipe, Nicolas, Eddy, Martijn and me,

The new compendiums are now accessible at

Please update your bookmarks.


The old compendiums will be removed as soon as possible to save CPU
time on i18n.debian.net. I however prefer having an ACK by Eddy who's
probably the first user of these compendiums.

Before removing, please also move the simple "docs" directory:

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