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Re: [Semi-OT] pootle and existing webserver

On Sa, 2008-07-19 at 17:34 +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry for the a little bit OT post, but it seems here are some  "pootle"
> experts sinde while reading this list I have discovered "pootle"  :-)
> OK, installed and...  woops, need a backport since the version  of  etch
> does not realy work as I like...  Hell it is slow...  (I run a Quad-Xeon
> with 4 GByte of memory and a bunch of SCSI/SCA drives in Raid-1)
> However, I do not like to use "pootle" on the default location and  like
> to put it into my a sub-directory of my devel VHost like
>     http://devel.debian.tamay-dogan.net/pootle/
> but how do I do this?  My server is under recent Etch with apache2.

Hallo Michelle

You are probably better of asking your Pootle questions on the Pootle
mailing list, unless it is specifically related to Debian:

About what you write: the first time files are accessed they are tested,
statistics are calculated, and (depending on your setup) search indexes
are built. After that things should be much better. If you really have a
very big setup (such as the one we are working on for Debian
translations) you can be assured that the current development is
focusing a lot on scalability.

If you want to use another URL as you describe, you can inspect your
pootle.prefs file (should be in /etc/pootle/ if you used the Debian
package) and look for the setting "baseurl". Take care to make it a
complete valid URL.

Keep well

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