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Re: [faw@funlabs.org: Re: DDTP-Links on CDD tasks web pages]

2008/7/21 Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <faw@funlabs.org>:
>> Yes, we have these three cases.  But a) could be easily handled
>> by technical means as Grisu suggested: Just drop the unchanged
>> text from the database and no harm is done.  I could also imagine
>> a simple solution for
>        But it needs to be done, right now it is not ready. :-(

Well, OK, I have not yet looked at DDTSS code but implementing a
diff old new and drop the issue if there is no diff does not sound as
hard to implement.  Martijn, could you please comment on this?

>>> ii) The "translation abandoned" behavior, somebody just clicked
>>>    to see what happened, either translated or non translated
>>>    packages. Not that it is harmful, but it can made packages
>>>    popping up without knowing why.
>> I'd rather call his a bug in the server software if something pops
>> up that should not.
>        If somebody asks for a translation it "pops up", it is
> not a bug, it is how DDTSS works.

>From 1913 Webster:  abandon
   2. To give up absolutely; to forsake entirely; to renounce
        utterly; to relinquish all connection with or concern on;
        to desert, as a person to whom one owes allegiance or
        fidelity; to quit; to surrender.

So if somebody by chance asked for a translation but wants to
abandon his actions I see no reason why there should be any
action done by DDTSS.  This is even less important than
a zero diff between old and new.  Or did I misunderstood you?
I was talking about the "Abandon" button on the translation page.

>        If you ask for a package and it is translated, them it
> says so, if you use "force fetch", then it comes and even if
> you "don't change anything" it appears on the pending translation,
> after all, you required it, and it is quite handy to load tasks
> for others in the team, so it is not a bug.

OK, so I missinterpreted the force option.  It seems to have one
primary effect if I understand you right: Put the translation in question
onto the list of pending translations.  The fact that I'm able to edit
the translation seems like just a side effect.  So we actually need
the functionality:  "I would like to review a translation.  Ignore my
actions if I did not changed anything."

>        My idea is not exactly use the DDTP email interface,
> I was thinking about sending the "suggested fix" to the mail
> list so people can react, fix and reply, this works for
> people that don't want a deeper attachment with the
> translation team (which in my opinion is not good, but it can
> happen).

Ah, OK, this makes sense.  Is there any bug tracker for DDTSS
so we could collect all those wishlist features to be able to work
on this at DebConf?

>> Yep.  My decision is:  If there is the slightest evidence that the
>> force option on the CDD pages just has triggered any harm and
>> has increased the number of unneeded reviews significantly
>> I'll drop it just now.  Please tell me immediately.  If there is no
>> evidence we try to continue this discussion at DebConf (DebCamp -
>> I'll be there at 6.8.).
>        Please, drop the "force fetch" for now until we can
> provide the resources necessary to deal with this new use
> case.

OK, the link containing force is not displayed any more.

Kind regards



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