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Who's going to DebConf?

That might be late for asking but I'd like to knkow who, in the i18n
crowd, is planning/certain to go to DebConf 8 in Argentina.

If you never header about DebConf, the annual Debian conference, then
it's probably too late to consider going. http://www.debconf.org will
give you details...

It seems that this year's DebConf will be a smaller one than former
ones, because of the distance, the high travel costs....and the much
lower possibility of funding these travel costs...:-(

Still, I know some people in the i18n-involved folks are going to
come, so it's time to count ourselves.

There will be i18n sessions there, which could be opportunities to
make some topics progress...as well as prepare an i18n meeting in
Extremadura (planned for September...but I now have a severe problem
with that date and might push to delay it until October or November).


To make it clear, I'll be in Mar del Plata from August 8th to August 17th.


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