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Bug#473168: enigmail localization for Lenny?


currently we have no l10n support for the icedove/thunderbird enigmail
extension.  The rationale is that the source package enigmail-locales
has been removed as requested by Daniel Baumann in #448878¹, but the
language packs are not built from the enigmail source.

Note that Ubuntu still ships a separate enigmail-locales source package
(in universe) and builds the enigmail-locale-* packages from it.
Assuming that the Debian/Ubuntu maintainer for enigmail wants to keep
the differences between the distributions small, the options would be to

a) build enigmail-l10n-* packages from the enigmail source and file an
   Ubuntu bug that the enigmail-locales package is superseded; or

b) restore the enigmail-locales source package.

Technically, option a) looks better, since it ensures that the l10n
files are in sync with the actual enigmail package.


¹ http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=448878

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