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Re: Intent to NMU of help for an l10n upload of sbnc to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

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Christian Perrier schrieb:
> Dear Debian maintainer,
> The sbnc Debian package, which you are the maintainer of, has
> pending bug report(s) which include translation updates or fixes
> for po-debconf, namely bug number 478255 (and maybe other similar bugs).
> Indeed, this is a typo fix that got incorrectly fixed in last upload.
> As fixing this without breaking translations is fairly tricky, I
> hereby offer to help putting back l10n stuff in shape (including the
> new Portuguese translation and the fix to german translation).
> Even though this bug is quite recent, the release of Debian is not that
> far and an opportunity should be taken to not only fix
> that l10n bug, but also get more translations for your package.
> I have the intention, as part of a more general action of the Debian
> i18n Task Force to build and possibly upload a non-maintainer upload
> for sbnc in order to fix this as well as all pending translations
> for the debconf templates.
> Of course, as you seem pretty active on that package, an upload by you
> would also be OK...as long as it allows a round of translation
> updates.
> Such changes are always harmless, which explains why I safely consider
> building NMU's for such issues even though they're obviously non critical.
> The schedule for the NMU (in case it happens, that is if you agree with it
> or if I don't receive any answer in 14 days) is roughly the following:
>  Thursday, May 22, 2008   : send this notice
>  Thursday, June 05, 2008       : post a NMU announcement to debian-i18n with you
>                  (maintainer) CC'ed
>  Sunday, June 15, 2008       : deadline for receiving translation updates
>  Monday, June 16, 2008       : build the package and upload it to DELAYED/2-day
>                  send the NMU patch to the BTS
>  Wednesday, June 18, 2008       : NMU reaches incoming
> If you intent to upload yourself, please discuss with me. I propose
> handling a translation update round and I can handle it myself for you.
> That will just require a few days.
> In case I upload an NMU, I will subscribe to the Package Tracking System for
> sbnc and follow its life for 60 days after my NMU in order to fix
> any issue potentially introduced by my upload.
> Let me know, as soon as possible, if you have any kind of objection to this
> process.
> If you'd rather do the fix yourself, I will of course leave the package
> alone. Same if you have reasons not to do the update now.

Hello Christian,

help is every time realy welcome. :) So first thanks for it!

It's actual all fixed in subversion, I just wanted to wait some days
until I upload an new build (maybe some more translations or other bugs
reache me :)).

I would say I upload the new build today or tomorrow.

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Mit freundlichem Gruß / With kind regards,
Patrick Matthäi

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