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Re: Update to debconf templates for shorewall-common

(CC'ing -i18n as my answer might contain some useful information for
ppl who read that list. Roberto was initially asking for a review of a
new template he plans adding to his package)

Quoting Roberto C. Sánchez (roberto@connexer.com):
> [Please keep me in the CC as I am not subscribed to the list.]
> I have attached a patch for a change I would like to make to
> shorewall-common's debconf template.  Any comments or suggestions?
> Also, what is the proper procedure to then call for translation updates?
> Regards,
> -Roberto
> -- 
> Roberto C. Sánchez
> http://people.connexer.com/~roberto
> http://www.connexer.com

> Index: shorewall-common.templates
> ===================================================================
> --- shorewall-common.templates	(revision 8505)
> +++ shorewall-common.templates	(working copy)
> @@ -27,3 +27,13 @@
>   be checked carefully before the firewall is restarted.
>   .
>   Please choose whether you want to restart Shorewall immediately.
> +
> +Template: shorewall-common/invalid_config
> +Type: note


error type debconf templates are better handled by debconf and some
interfaces show them in a different way. See debconf(7).

debconf notes are Evil...:-)

> +_Description: Invalid Shorewall configuration detected
> + You have configured Shorewall to restart on upgrade.

Shorewall is configured to restart on upgrades.

(rationale: maybe someone else configured shorewall this way....In
general, you should avoid assuming the computer in managed by only one
person and avoid assuming this is "his|her" computer)

> + .
> + However, Shorewall has detected that you have an invalid
> + configuration and so will not be restarted.  If you want
> + Shorewall restarted, fix your configuration and restart
> + manually using 'invoke-rc.d shorewall restart'.

Shorewall did not detect anything, nor did "the computer". Implying
actions by programs and/or computers  is light computer
personnalization which should also be avoided.

Also, this is not "my" configuration...

I propose:

However, the current configuration for Shorewall is invalid and it
will fail to restart. You should fix the program's configuration, then
restart it with 'invoke-rc.d shorewall restart'.

Once done, you can do a call for translation updates and new
translations with:

podebconf-report-po --call --languageteam --withtranslators --deadline="some date at least 10 days later"

That will send notifications to existing translators, CC'ing the
translation teams (some addresses might bounce, because of invalid
values used by translators....or some might be subscribers-only
lists...there's nothing you can do here) and will also send a mail to
debian-i18n to call for new translations.

"some date at least 10 days later" should be replaced by whatever date
you want. A minimum of 10 days is suggested to leave enough time to
translation teams who have formalized proofreading processes.

podebconf-report-po is provided along with po-debconf package and has
a very nice a complete man page with many many options.

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