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Re: D-I Manual - String freeze & call to update translations - deadline: May 18

Frans Pop wrote:
> The last needed updates to the Installation Guide for Beta2 have now been
> committed. Please update your translations before May 18 24:00 UTC.

With only one day to go the following translations still need to be updated:
- German (99%)
- Italian (99%)
- Japanese (99%)
- Korean (99%)
- Russian (99%)
- Swedish (99%)
- Chinese: both Simplified (99%) and Traditional (61%)
- Catalan (97%)
- Finnish (95%)
- Greek (95%)
- Spanish (93%)
- Hungarian (83%)

If people need more time, them please let me know! But note that I cannot 
extend the deadline by very much due to the planned release date of Beta2.

The status of the various translations of the manual can be found at:

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