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Re: Update of the installation guide for new x86 boot menu (was: syslinux vesamenu)

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> I have updated the section in the Installation Guide that explains the boot 
> screen and would appreciate a review before I commit it.

As usual, the documentation is clear and I see no obvious correction
to do...

Maybe this change could be a good occasion to remind users that the
keyboard mapping at that moment is a US keymap and not a localized
one. Get the point ?

Ideally, giving the general layout of the US keymap would be great as
a reference for the poor users who have something else and are forced
to guess which key can output what character..:-)

This is something that would have been useful also with the "old" boot
screen but I never took time to propose something, I'm afraid.

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