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Re: Intent to NMU atlas3 to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Rafael Laboissiere (rafael@debian.org):

> Indeed, "ça ne fera pas de mal".  However, I think that fixing atlas is much
> more important than fixing atlas3, since the later will probably disappear
> in the future (perhaps post-lenny, although it is already useless today).
> In sum, go ahead and fix atlas3, if you see fit.  However, please consider
> fixing atlas, too.

I'm preparing the NMU. I'll send my standard "note" to atlas@p.d.o but
will also ask on -release.

Question about your patch:

  * Add new debconf translations:
    + Japanese, thanks TANAKA Atushi (closes: #414375)
    + Spanish, thanks Felipe Caminos (closes: #414940)
    + Finnidh, thanks Esko Arajärvi (closes: #469545)
  * Update Vietnamese debconf translation, thanks Clytie Siddall
    (closes: #426974)

These bugs are atlas3 bugs, not atlas bugs. So, they should be closed
with atlas3. Of course, we can still mention we added those
translations as well.

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