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Request for translation: debconf template fro b2evolution-2.4.1-1 package


I'm ready to release a new version of the b2evolution package.

May I request your help for the translation of the debconf template file?

Thanks to podebconf-report-po, I've already triggered an update for cs, de, fr,
ja and pt translations.

If you can help me for the translations in other languages, I would be glad :-)

The debconf template file is attached.

Thanks beforehand,
Template: b2evolution/db_ask
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Create the database automatically?
 To function, b2evolution needs a correctly configured and initialized database.
 For a MySQL database, this operation can be performed automatically, if the MySQL server is currently running. You will only be prompted for the database name. 
 Automatically creating the database does not make sense if a b2evolution database already exists, or if no database server is currently accessible.
 If you choose to create the database manually, you need to edit /etc/b2evolution/_basic_config.php and set the database-related variables to the appropriate values.
 If you're unsure, you should let the package create its database automatically.

Template: b2evolution/db_name
Type: string
Default: b2evolution_debian
_Description: b2evolution database name:
 All the tables used by b2evolution will be created in a new database. Please enter a name that does not correspond to an existing database.

Template: b2evolution/host
Type: string
Default: http://www.example.com/b2evolution
_Description: b2evolution blog URL:
 To test b2evolution locally, use 'http://localhost' instead of the hostname.

Template: b2evolution/db_remove
Type: boolean
_Description: Purge the b2evolution database?
 If the b2evolution database (${b2evo_db_name}) is no longer needed, it can be purged automatically. The database user and tables used by b2evolution will be removed.

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