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Re: status of DDTP and ftp mirror synchronization?

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On 18-12-2007 10:42, Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 15, 2007 at 10:23:50AM -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel wrote:
>> 	I finished working on the scripts that will generate the
>> files, we add some tests during the "package" build to reduce the
>> checks on the "archive side". The package, .dsc and byhand-ddtp
>> are here: http://people.debian.org/~faw/ddtp/
> That should be a .changes file, not a .dsc file. You could use the
> tag-overrides changes on merkel as an example; look in:
>  /srv/ftp.debian.org/queue/done/tag-overrides_200712071325_all.changes

	Ooops, sorry.

	With the holidays and being busy with the end of the year
it took me some time to reply, sorry for the delay. I updated the
package, the script that generates it and I also generate a .changes
file now. Hope it is OK. :)


> The byhand script only allows translations for main, not contrib/non-free.
> That seems odd?

	Yes, I discussed that with Michael Bramer and others during
the meeting in Extremadura, and the contrib should be added, but we
are unsure about non-free descriptions, it could be under a license
that allows distributions but doesn't allow "translations".

	I didn't add the checks for contrib because I was expecting
a first review to see if I was in the right direction. I will add
them on the new version.

> If the filename looks like Translations-xx_YY-blah it will pass through
> without complaint. "FNL=$(echo ${FN} | cut -d'-' f2-)" would fix that.
> Using ${FN%%-*} and ${FN#*-} rather than the echo/cut subshells would
> work too.

	True. I'm used to implement such things using echo/cut
to make it easier to read, but I can change that if it is more
recommended or preferred.

> Only extracting files that you've guaranteed are okay might be safer, ie:
> (untested)
>     tar tzf "${TBALL}" | while read f; do
>       if is_name_okay "$f";
>         tar -C "${TEMPDIR} -xzf "${TBALL}" "$f"
>       fi
>     done

	The above is missing a "then" and a quote:

tar tzf "${TBALL}" | while read f; do
	if is_name_okay "$f"; then
		tar -C "${TEMPDIR}" -xzf "${TBALL}" "$f"

	What I couldn't understood was the logic behind to
sequential extracts. I was thinking about returning is_name_okay
to a variable and test it to see the action, if everything OK we
could already extract the file.

	I'm also unsure about at which point we should remove
the old translation files. If I change the old byhand-ddtp with
the new function it fails for Translation-ca but still extracts
the files. I put the script here:


	Since I would prefer to understand first why Translation-ca
is failing (and something obvious is escaping me) and check why we
should 'tar tzvf' 2 times, I would wait for your comments before
trying to change it.

	I also remove the trap and the old checks since this new
function seems to do most of what we want and can be improved it

> There's no code to move from the TEMPDIR into the dists/ directory? Or
> are you meaning for TEMPDIR to be replaced by the real dest?

	That's the other thing that I was unsure about how to
handle, if we should extract to a TEMPDIR, remove old
translations and them move from TEMPDIR to DESTDIR. Or if we
should hit a point were everything is OK then we remove old
translations and unpack the new ones in the right place.

	Kind regards,
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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