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About to activate Amharic language in D-I

Tegegne Tefera just completed "sublevel1" of D-I translations for
Amharic. "sublevel1" is made of packages listed in
packages/po/packages_list_sublevel1, ie all packages used on defaults
installs on i386/amd64/powerpc

Merging his work with the general D-I file leads to "1478 translated
messages, 21 fuzzy translations, 183 untranslated messages", most of
the untranslated messages being obscure messages from rarely used

I therefore intend to check his translation wrt the spellchecker, have
him (or me) correct the mistakes if there are some, then activate
Amharic in localechooser and remove it from packages/po/PROSPECTIVE.

For people who might wonder: Amharic is the national lanuage of
Ethiopia and would then become our second "native" language from Africa
to be supported (after Wolof, from Senegal).


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