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PoEdit finally usable again in Debian (unstable)

For a very long time, PoEdit suffered from bug #420685 that made it
nearly unusable with PO files that use the recently added gettext
features that allows seeing the former msgid along with the current
one in lines prepended by "#|".

PoEdit was wrongly ordering these lines when saving PO files, thus
rendering them invalid.

As a consequence, several invalid translations were sent to the Debian
BTS. Gerfried Fuchs even wrote a small utility to fix such files but,
from time to time, those of you who uwere using PoEdit were forgetting
fixing their files before sending them.

This is now overe, at least in Debian unstable, with the version
1.3.7+20071010-1 of the package, thanks to Daniel Baumann, the package
maintainer, who pulled out a snapshot from upstream's development branch.

Hopefully, this version will make its way into Debian testing. 

If backportable, it could even deserve an update for etch as PoEdit in
etch obviously suffers from that problem.


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