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Re: [DDTP] Japanese encoding (Re: [DDTP] French encoding?)


> I am Yukiharu YABUKI who I met you in Debcnf 7.
> I report to you that Japanese debian people transition default encoding.
> Japanse people transtion ja_JP.utf8 in Etch.
> If you doubt, please ask Japanse Debian developers.
> (1) Please change Japanses encoding from eucJP to utf8
> Wrong   :   $charset{'ja'}="euc-jp";
> Correct :   $charset{'ja'}="utf8"; or just delete right?

Is this correct ?

Translator's view: EUC-JP is fine.

Apt's view: apt requires utf-8 Packages.gz

The problem is that DDTP feeds apt with EUC-JP encoded file whereas
APT now expects UTF-8 and tries to iconv from there.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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