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Please translate hex-a-hop -- a funny game

Hi all,

recently a new game hex-a-hop was made free and there is already a Debian package
for it. It is a very funny game and I suggest you try it out :-)

I would like to ask for translations as the last big problem (no
support of 8bit characters) is now fixed.

Currently it is translated into German and partly into Spanish. Please
consult Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es> if you want to work on the
Spanish translation.

I attached the POT file. (There is also a manual page but maybe we should
use po4a to allow later translations via PO files. Let's ignore this manual
page for now.)

Please send the translations as bug against the hex-a-hop package. As
usual I expect that you report any further problems (typos, ...).

I would especially like to see some "exotic" translations such as
Japanese or Chinese to stress test the new i18n. Anyone?


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