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Re: DDTP: rules to prioritize packages?

Hi Christian,

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 11:39:39AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> So, I'm using the mail interface to get material to translate and I
> have indeed been surprised by what I receive.

remember that you can explictely request the packages you want ...

> Apparently, packages translations are sent in an order which just
> seems...random.
> I'm sometimes annoyed by receiving translation work to do for packages
> that are obviously old outdated crap...:-) (I don't want to be
> insulting but I don't see a "Tcl/Tk info browser", or xbiff, as
> something that belongs to the 21st century...).

I don't think so. I'm indeed also no user of these programs nevertheless
I consider these to be old, fancy goodies which every Unix user expects
to find.
Especially older users familar with Unix workstations often do not want
to use newer KDE or GNOME programs (and these are losing more and more
any connection to the Unix philosophy (consider that they even prefer
now "folder" instead of "directory" wording ...)).

Another advantage for users and translators: there are stable, there is
release every week, only once per year. I think this is really great!

> I would suggest to implement a way to receive packages that are really
> actively maintained, which gives some more guarantees that the
> translation work is done for something that's alive.

I don't agree with it but you can choose your priorties as you want.

> Could the date of the last changelog.Debian entry be a criterion to
> prioritize packages?
Of course :-)

> Michael, could you explain the current rules that are applied by the
> mail interface to decide what package needs to be sent?

I extracted the rules from the source (Packages2db.pl from
ddtp.debian.net/source). You should be able to understand it:

		if (/^Package: ([\w.+-]+)/) { # new item
			$prioritize -= 1 if $package =~ /^(linux|kernel)-/i;
			$prioritize -= 1 if $package =~ /^(linux|kernel)-source/i;
			$prioritize -= 2 if $package =~ /^(linux|kernel)-patch/i;
			$prioritize -= 3 if $package =~ /^(linux|kernel)-header/i;
			$prioritize += 3 if $package =~ /^(linux|kernel)-image/i;
			$prioritize -= 3 if $package =~ /lib/i;
			$prioritize -= 1 if $package =~ /-doc$/i;
			$prioritize -= 6 if $package =~ /-dev$/i;
		if (/^Tag: (.+)/) { # new item
			$prioritize += 1;
			$prioritize += 2 if $tag =~ /role[^ ]+program/i;
			$prioritize += 1 if $tag =~ /role[^ ]+metapackage/i;
			$prioritize -= 2 if $tag =~ /role[^ ]+devel-lib/i;
			$prioritize -= 2 if $tag =~ /role[^ ]+source/i;
			$prioritize -= 1 if $tag =~ /role[^ ]+shared-lib/i;
			$prioritize -= 1 if $tag =~ /role[^ ]+data/i;
		if (/^Priority: (\w+)/) { # new item
			if ($priority  =~ /extra/i ) {
			} elsif ($priority  =~ /optional/i ) {
			} elsif ($priority  =~ /standard/i ) {
			} elsif ($priority  =~ /important/i ) {
			} elsif ($priority  =~ /required/i ) {
		if (/^Task: (.*)/) { # new item
		if (/^Section: (\w+)/) { # new item
			if ($section  =~ /devel/i ) {
			} elsif ($section  =~ /net/i ) {
			} elsif ($section  =~ /oldlibs/i ) {
			} elsif ($section  =~ /libs/i ) {

PS: My system activated yesterday accidentally (firmware bug?) the
password protection for my hard disk containing all my DDTP stuff and
now I'm locked out and cannot even boot. What a mess :-) Does anyone now
the Default Master Password for a Samsung HM160JC drive or has anyone
access to the data sheet?


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