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{i18n,ddtp}.debian.net UP! (was: Re: {i18n,ddtp}.debian.net downtime)

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On 07/23/2007 03:05 AM, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> 	We are on a "kind of" scheduled downtime for "churro"
> (the server that hosts i18n.debian.net and ddtp.debian.net,
> and is kindly donated by Extremadura), we had some unexpected
> errors pointed out by SMART (and also by grisu, thanks) which
> leads us to shutdown it until our local admin can take a look
> into it.
> 	i18n.debian.net is an experimental service and we are
> trying to organize all of our i18n infra-structure on it. As
> soon as we have news, I will let you know.
> 	This affects:
> 	- ddtp.debian.net
> 	- ddtss (can't talk with ddtp)
> 	- i18n.debian.net (and pseudo-urls bots)
> 	- compendium files
> 	- material for the website (w.d.o/international)
> 	Kind regards,
> 	"churro torture team"

Hi everybody,

	i18n.debian.net is back. We just checked a few itens
and it seems that everything is OK.

	Martijn, we stayed 10 days offline, ddtss can still
send the translations people made on the interface during
this period? Or we need to do some manual intervention?

	Grisu, hopefully everything is fine.

	Please, report any issues. Thanks in advance and
sorry for any problems. Kind regards,
- --
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
"Debian. Freedom to code. Code to freedom!"
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