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Re: [DDTP] French encoding?


On Sun, Jul 22, 2007 at 07:03:10PM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> The ddtp use utf-8 for all it's stuff. 
> it is only, on thing:
> The ddtp-server use other encodings with some languages, if the
> translator don't select one: 
>   $charset{'de'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'da'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'fr'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'it'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'nl'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'pl'}="ISO-8859-2";
>   $charset{'hu'}="ISO-8859-2";
>   $charset{'pt_BR'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'pt_PT'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'sk'}="ISO-8859-2";
>   $charset{'sv_SE'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'ja'}="euc-jp";
>   $charset{'uk'}="koi8-u";
>   $charset{'ru'}="koi8-r";
>   $charset{'cs'}="ISO-8859-2";
>   $charset{'fi'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'es'}="ISO-8859-1";
>   $charset{'he'}="ISO-8859-8";
> This is from the old days (in 2001 we don't have an utf-8 system) and
> I can change this. 
> Jens ask for a change for german. 
> Sould I change this for de and fr? Or for all languages?

I think we should use UTF-8 for all languages.

Question is "how we migrate to UTF-8 smoothly?"

I am not quite sure how above encodings are used but...

Here is rough idea.

1. stop DDTP service
2. run script to convert latest documentation data to UTF-8
   while marking them being UTF-8 po file etc.
3. reset DDTP service running on UTF-8 setting for all languages listed
   above.  (Maybe also change web page setting for encoding.)

For encoding conversion, "iconv" is good idea.

For replacing encoding mark in po file etc in ascii text, I think sed
should be sufficient.


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