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Re: [DDTP] French encoding?

2007/7/22, Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org>:
> Etch fully supports UTF-8, why DDTP does not use this encoding by
> defaut? are we going to provide non UTF-8 descriptions with Lenny?


The ddtp use utf-8 for all it's stuff.

Sorry, for mailing to this list, but where is  bts for ddtp?
The small bug I think.
from Martijns DDTSS

----- skip: attachment without filename
----- start: new.ddtp
             verifying UTF-8...
Description: Security Enhanced Linux policy library for changing policy binaries
Description-ru: библиотека SELinux для изменения бинарных политик
WARNING: translated short description too long (>80 characters)
        Please edit and resend
             verifying UTF-8...
add the translation in the db
see http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=8632&language=ru

----- end: new.ddtp
Warning is not correct. The short description is more then 80 in bytes (87),
but not in characters -- only 50!

Yuri Kozlov

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