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Re: [DDTP] French encoding?

Le dimanche 22 juillet 2007, Michael Bramer écrivit :


> > Etch fully supports UTF-8, why DDTP does not use this encoding by
> > defaut? are we going to provide non UTF-8 descriptions with Lenny?
> no. 
> The ddtp use utf-8 for all it's stuff. 
> it is only, on thing:
> The ddtp-server use other encodings with some languages, if the
> translator don't select one: 

[ list of charsets ]

> This is from the old days (in 2001 we don't have an utf-8 system) and
> I can change this. 
> Jens ask for a change for german. 
> Sould I change this for de and fr? Or for all languages?

*my* opinion is that we should use utf-8 for all languages as most users
should have at least Etch installed and so they should use a utf-8

I'll ask on l10n-french and keep you advised.

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