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Re: debconf PO translations for the package gnome-menus

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Christian Perrier wrote:

> The maintainers of the gnome-menu package plan adding a few entries to the
> "standard" GNOME menu (which is translated in GNOME, outside Debian), to
> split the Games submenu when needed.

I am not sure this is the right place, but I have a few comments:

> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/BlocksGames.directory.in.h:1
> msgid "Falling blocks"
> msgstr ""

Why "Falling blocks", instead of simply "Blocks", which is now an
official section in Debian Menu? Consistency is always a good thing.

> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/KidsGames.directory.in.h:1
> msgid "Games for kids"
> msgstr ""
> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/KidsGames.directory.in.h:2
> msgid "Kids"
> msgstr ""

Classifying games by audience is very subjective, and therefore highly
inaccurate. It might make sense to label some games as inappropriate for
children because of excessive violence, etc., but otherwise this makes
no sense. 90% of the games we have in Debian are suitable both for
children and adults.

> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/LogicGames.directory.in.h:1
> msgid "Logic"
> msgstr ""
> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/LogicGames.directory.in.h:2
> msgid "Logic and puzzle games"
> msgstr ""

So why not "Puzzles" as it is in Menu Policy?

> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/RolePlayingGames.directory.in.h:1
> msgid "Role playing"
> msgstr ""

We have way too few role playing games for them to be separate from
adventure games. Total number of adventure and RPG games in Debian is
around 40 vs. hundreds of action games.

> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/SimulationGames.directory.in.h:1
> msgid "Simulation"
> msgstr ""


> #: ../../debian/desktop-files/SportsGames.directory.in.h:1
> msgid "Sports"
> msgstr ""

Sports games _are_ simulation games (most of the time). It does not
define the type of the game, only content. Also we have 8 or so sports
games in Debian. These were the reasons for removal of Sports section
from Menu Policy.

Merging of Debian and XDG menus is currently being discussed, so we
should not make that harder by making them incompatible. In fact, we
could just go ahead and adopt Debian Menu structure inside GNOME, KDE,
and friends.


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