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Re: Number of reviews in DDTP/DDTSS, for French

On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 08:11:27AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I'm more and more considering to re-bump the involvmemnt of the French
> team in the DDTP.
> Currently, in my opinion, the best approach would be translate,
> translate, translate and focus on reviews *later* when the tools will
> allow for peer review in public, which is not that easy currently.
> I indeed think about a kind of "review marathon" somewhat in the Etch
> freeze cycle, which would happen as a live or IRC event.
> For that reason, I propose that the number of reviews for the French
> translation of packages description is lowered from 3 (which I think
> is the default) to 1, so that we can really focus on translating and
> just pick up the very obvious errors.
> I already started to refocus part of my time on the DDTP, both through
> the mail interface and the DDTSS interface (I've not yet decided which
> better fits my needs).
> Are there any objections? Martin, Michael, I suppose that both of you
> need to change parameters for DDTP and DDTSS for this to happen, right?

No objections, but:
 - I like to switch the server at weekend.... Please make your
   announcements after the move
 - The ddtp don't have a review process. But I like to implement it
   (the pro is: I don't need to change any parameter...)
 - we don't have po-support and I know: you like po.
   The first point on the todo list after the move: add po support to
   the mail interface

to Martin:
  Is it possible to change your web interface?
   - that it use the ddtp-db and don't send mails etc
   - move it to i18n.debian.net too.



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