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Number of reviews in DDTP/DDTSS, for French

I'm more and more considering to re-bump the involvmemnt of the French
team in the DDTP.

Currently, in my opinion, the best approach would be translate,
translate, translate and focus on reviews *later* when the tools will
allow for peer review in public, which is not that easy currently.

I indeed think about a kind of "review marathon" somewhat in the Etch
freeze cycle, which would happen as a live or IRC event.

For that reason, I propose that the number of reviews for the French
translation of packages description is lowered from 3 (which I think
is the default) to 1, so that we can really focus on translating and
just pick up the very obvious errors.

I already started to refocus part of my time on the DDTP, both through
the mail interface and the DDTSS interface (I've not yet decided which
better fits my needs).

Are there any objections? Martin, Michael, I suppose that both of you
need to change parameters for DDTP and DDTSS for this to happen, right?


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