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Suspension of new 'Smith' reviews until late August

Please note that, as of today, I will suspend my activities when it
comes at launching *NEW* package templates and control files reviews,
known as the 'Smith' project.

All *already launched* reviews will be carried on (so don't be
suprised if you still see me spamming the list) but no *new* review
will start.

There are a few pending TAF work, which I'll try to start ASAP and,
of course, all current work will be completed....which includes still
some call for translations, my dear i18n friends..:)

So, don't be surprised, the activity level will decrease slowly, not
stop brutally.

RATIONALE: I'll be on holidays, theoretically away from any net
connection, from Aug 11th to 25th. I don't want to have pending
work....and the whole cycle takes about 30-40 days to complete.

Activities on the Smith project can of course continue if other
contributors launch reviews. I however discourage too much activity,
especially during August, given that this is traditionnally a moment
where many Debian contributors (translators included) are less active.

I'll resume the work at the very end of August.

In the meantime: happy holidays to all of you, at least those who
don't live upside down, and enjoy the peace of quiet lists...

Again: I'll be there until Aug 11th or so, so pease don't spread out
that "bubulle is VAC until end August".


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