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Debconf i18n session 2/7: lenny i18n release goals

(sorry, these sessions cannot be video-recorded)

Here are my notes from this session. Attendees, please feel free to
correct these if you think I screwed with the conclusions.

Attendees: Luk Claes, Frans Pop, Eddy Petrisor, Nicolas Spalinger,
Nicolas François, Andreas Barth (end of session), Jean René, Gerfried
Fuchs, Felipe van de Wiel, Daniel Glassey, two other people whose name
I can't remember....and, folks, really sorry if I forgot you in the
list. It's late here..:)

Introduction by Luk Claes about what is a release goal:
 release goals should have a title
 filing bugs against things that need fixing
 each goal needs advocate who can report for
 need internal manager inside the release team (would be Luk for i18n stuff)
 need to know how many issues are related to this release goal
 need a roadmap
 need to know which issues are essential and which are nice to have

Below, the numbered item have been qualified as proposed release
goals. Non numbered items have been "ruled out".

1) Support for packages' description translation in the archive
 critical: get automated updates of the archive
 critical: support in d-i?
 nice to have: support in the archive tools (aptitude, apt-cache). Some 
 advocate: Michael Bramer

2) Switch remaining debconf translations to use gettext
 pretty easy to achieve
 we have the tools for this
 advocate: Nicolas François (or Thomas Huriaux if he's OK for that)

*) "tdebs" and related ideas (see wiki page)
 still moving ideas
 not really ready for being a release goal

*) Use more langs in D-I. 
 Frans Pop-->memory impact. Still that problem that we have no way to unload translations
 goal to improve cdebconf to avoid loading translations twice
 suggestions by Coling Watson to use memory map
 Nicolas François could work on this but this is more a d-i release goal
 next step could be a gettext backend for debconf and store translations in mo files

*) Promote --previous in gettext: could be a "pet release goal"
 0.16.1 is in stable so we can push this
 Gerfried "Rhonda" Fuchs volunteers to make an annoucement in d-d-a
  to promote the use among debconf and native packages
 first po-debconf, then native packages we have control of, then others
 need fixing kbabel (to remove previous translations when fixed), 
 poedit (to avoid screwing PO files with such former translation
 comments) and the like 

3) Prepare the system for translatable NEWS.Debian files
 would need apt-listchanges to be priority important
 needs changes to po4a
 enforcing on all packages will be hard (could be lenny+1)
 what about NEWS.Debian on the installed system? How to store
 advocate: Steve Langasek

4) Support for UTF-8 encoded manpages
 needs patching groff, push it to upstream
 seems easy to achieve and part of the general UTF-8 plan
 advocate: Nicolas François

5) Prepare the system to be able to have a default font for each language
 would need a Better set of fonts installed for each language
 we have what's needed to install a set of fonts depending on the language
 However, how to make the default font the correct one ?
 something like update-font_alternatives could be an idea (aba)
 then it could become a release goal
 advocate: Nicolas Spalinger


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